Memes: a New Way of Storytelling

8 Feb

A meme is a web celeb, catchphrase, image, or viral game that appears in response to political and economic issues of domestic and global significance. There are the Obama’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ On Reddit meme, Mitt Romney vs. Big Bird, and many others. Memes are packages of culture that involve absurdity, drama, and social commentary. Some memes are urban myths which depict situations that may affect the lives of many people. Urban legends are stories and scenarios that shake up societies. Such memes have a piece of history, moral, lesson, or truth to them, helping people to look more closely at social problems and concerns. Memes are a new way of storytelling that makes us think of what is important in our lives. They put situations and real live scenarios into narratives to help us cope with and understand phenomena and events. Online storytelling is a new way to share information, offer advice, and pass along wisdom. And memes are sometimes ridiculous, but they help people to make sense of the world and have fun.


Infographic courtesy of Mdg advertising


Infographic via


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